How to choose sofa to the small apartment

How to choose sofa to the small apartment

Very often now books, magazines, Internet articles which recommend to us as it is correct to place furniture in the apartment meet. They offer you various options of sofas and bedroom, nursery, living room, dining room chairs … Unfortunately, quite often meet the apartment one room, and owing to the developed circumstances, it becomes universal.

It is possible to make the life cozier if zones for work and rest are distributed correctly, and you will manage to pick up upholstered furniture successfully.

The sofa bed will become wonderful option for the small-sized apartment. First of all, such sofa is capable to make the apartment multipurpose. With such sofa the room will be suitable both for work, and for reception of your guests, and, is over, for dream.

Before going to shop or online store of furniture in search of sofa and chairs, it is necessary to evaluate attentively all room of your apartment and also to define the place where you establish it. Surely write down the sizes of desirable sofa and take them in shop.

Upholstered furniture which has the book mechanism is the most compact. They are usually displayed along longitudinal axle. Such options as "eurobook", and sofas which have folding sidewalls have the small size too. And those models which are displayed forward very often have rather big dimensions. Such models are not intended in order that used them daily. "Accordions" are rather convenient, but also they not absolutely will approach to the small-sized apartment.

Recently there was one more option which will perfectly fit into small premises, is angular transforming sofa. Such furniture consists of four modules, each of which costs on rollers. In the spread-out look such sofa is upon full the place for dream as double bed. And in the afternoon elements of such transformer easily turn into normal sofa, or chair.

In the one-room apartment the sofa has double, and sometimes, even threefold loading. Therefore you should not forget about its durability. It is necessary to choose reliable framework which is made of natural wood. It can be oak, birch or beech. However its cost is rather high, in that case it is worth giving preference to metal framework. The steel basis for sofa is capable to sustain three hundred thousand times of apportion.

The chair-bed will perfectly fit into the small apartment. It can also become one of additional berths. Such chair has to have removable cover that there were no problems with its cleaning.

What sofa can be got? The variety of these products can confuse any buyer, even very skilled. Especially in that situation when knows a little about sofas of people. From outside can seem that they differ only in the cost and exterior. But actually even by consideration of products similar externally it is possible to find many distinctions on quality and functions.

Island sofa — the fine tool in addition to decorate the center of the room, to separate it into different functional zones. As a rule, the price of island sofa is much bigger, than on added product. If to speak about design of products, sofas can be both classical, and modern.

Probably, all happened to hear about modular halls and sitting rooms. Modular sofas also exist. Characteristic feature of similar products: they are executed from separate soft modules. The majority of options of complete set of sofa can be created thanks to convenient modular system. To receive optimal variant, at first we solve — what to us needs sofa in the house: it has to have angular or direct, and what size where he has to settle down what number of the place to occupy.

Today the modular sofa is in assortment not of each furniture company, but this direction actively develops. The cost of such furniture remains at the high level.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team