How to choose support for tomatoes

How to choose support for tomatoes

What best way to prop up tomatoes: on wedges, on strings, on grid, on grid? The productivity of our favourite vegetables depends on the correct garter or its absence.

Material for support

Not to change prop every year, choose them from strong materials. They have to sustain the weight of fruits and not break.

Wood. Acacia and chestnut, resistant to rotting, will serve to you long time. The easy and strong hazel grove has many branches from the main twig. It will help not to slide to rope at garter.

Bamboo. Easy and strong, it is ideal for creation of supporting structures. But only it too smooth and ropes can slide off it.

Metal. It is very convenient to use iron fittings. It strong and garters on it do not slide. Shortcoming - rust by which they become covered and look not esthetically.

Types of support

Direct rods or stakes 1.5-2 m long. Are suitable for the tomatoes formed in one trunk. Stalk it is convenient to tie up rope to support in process of growth of plant approximately each 30 cm. It is necessary to tie up to support soft string and not hardly not to damage stalk. It is necessary to deepen rods enough to the earth that they have not laid down under weight of fruits. Rope garters in the greenhouse. It is necessary to tie rope to crossbeam of roof of the greenhouse and to the tomato trunk basis so that it was not tense. In process of growth of plant to twist its stalk around this rope. The rope will need to be tightened therefore do not do double knots, tie on bow. This type of support can be used and in the open ground having established crossbeam to which to tie up stalks ropes over number of the planted tomatoes. 

Lane from rods. To establish stakes in a row and to strongly bind between them crossbeams at different height. The grid from rods to which it is possible to tie up not only one stalk, but also the heavy branches and bushes formed in 2-3 stalks turns out. 

"Tent" from rods. For put in two ranks tomato to establish at each plant support under inclination to the next row. To connect tops of these support. For bigger durability of this design to establish horizontal crossbeam on top of these support. 

"Cage" for tomatoes from wire mesh. Allows to grow to tomatoes in round grid at not tied up. Diameter of "cage" can be regulated in process of development of tomato. It can be covered with ukryvny material at cold snap. The way of support is very developed in the USA. Very convenient, but expensive way. On each plant it is necessary to get not less 1.5-2m. grids 1.5 m wide. Grid it is necessary to fix to the earth small pegs and to connect on height by delays.

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