How to choose surface mounted luminaire on kitchen

How to choose surface mounted luminaire on kitchen

Lighting in kitchen – important point during creation of interior. The quality of cooking and safety of the hostess will depend on full-fledged illumination of work area directly. And the cosiness and the pleasant atmosphere in kitchen will depend on illumination of lunch zone and all room in general. Therefore whether the plan of lighting is studied slightly first of all even prior to repair work. And surface mounted luminaires are selected with extreme care and thoughtfulness.

Room zones

Different requirements are imposed to illumination of lunch zone and workplace in kitchen. It is the best of all to supply work area with dot lamps or the LED illumination which is built in directly in complete kitchen or in wall.

And the surface mounted luminaire which will enough give light and will create cozy situation at table best of all will be suitable for lunch zone. It will create special spirit, will become highlight of all kitchen interior.

Style and functions when choosing the lamp

Choosing surface mounted luminaire for kitchen, the main thing what it is worth paying attention to is style of set and table group. The minimalism or hi-tech perfectly will be suitable chandeliers from modern materials for style – plastic, the chromeplated metal, glass. The lamp has to be laconic, functional, original form. For classical interior it is possible to buy traditional lamps: chandeliers – candelabrums with suspenders and threads from glass, the plafonds fitted by textiles. Curved graceful lines and symmetry – the main lines of classical chandelier. But such lamp needs to be placed only in lunch zone and far away from plate. Otherwise the chandelier will begin to be smoked and become covered with greasy patina. Therefore in 6 sq.m. they are not suitable for small-sized kitchens. For kitchen in rural style and the directions close to it – Provence, country - will be suitable lamps with the metal forged framework, bulbs candles, accelerated aging under gold or silver, the ceramic plafonds painted in flowers. If your kitchen is executed in ethno-style, then and the surface mounted luminaire has to correspond to all interior completely. For example, chandeliers with the wooden edges tightened rice paper are characteristic of the Japanese style. But it should be taken into account that such type of devices gives not enough light. The functional side of the shelf lamp is not less important, than its stylistic features. Therefore in advance define functional features of chandelier. For example, there are lamps with adjustable long cord. Here you will be able to choose lighting type over table: to make it more scattered and high or more local, bright, having lowered the lamp is closer to table. The quantity of plafonds matters too – the more room space, the more brightly there has to be lighting. Therefore it is worth choosing type of chandeliers where plafonds do not absorb partially light and allow to regulate quantity of the included plafonds.

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