How to choose surface mounted luminaire to the bedroom

How to choose surface mounted luminaire to the bedroom

The surface mounted luminaire has to be suitable for the bedroom to it by the size and it is good to scatter light, to do it softer, intimate. Choosing the lamp, it is necessary to consider also style of interior of the bedroom that he well has fitted into it and it was not beaten out from the general design.

To the bedroom it is necessary to approach the choice of surface mounted luminaire with all responsibility as to this place of people comes to have a rest, relax, dream or read the book. Therefore irrespective of, than the owner of the apartment is going to be occupied in this room, lighting has to help him only, but not distract.

Choosing the lamp size, it is necessary to proceed from the room sizes – than it less, the size of lighting instrument has to be that less. For all 100% the lamp in which plafonds are turned up is capable to cope with the task in the room with low ceilings. If they look down, light will hit into floor, leaving upper part darkened. Actually, in the room for dream and rest too bright light is also not necessary therefore it is worth stopping the choice on model with opaque plafonds which will make interior softer and intimate.

If the option with transparent plafonds was pleasant, it is worth providing opportunity to regulate luminous intensity, that is such lamp has to have special regulator. The lamp with the fabric or paper lamp shade will be the ideal decision. As for lamps which have equipped surface mounted luminaire, there are several their types from which it is better to prefer standard glow lamps or LED bulbs. Luminescent and halogen differ in "cold" light spectrum therefore will not be suitable for the bedroom.

Practically any lamp will approach classical interior: round, oval, decorated in flowers and so on. Those who has issued the bedroom in style hi-tech can recommend to pay the attention to the lamp in the form of geometrical figure or any abstraction in which plastic, metal, glass and artificial stone have mixed up. The increasing popularity is gained by styles of country and Provence. Such rural simplicity and cosiness can be emphasized with the lamp with the shod parts and plafonds framed with finishing under rod or grid. The bedroom in style pop art will play new paints by means of the lamp of bizzare shape and coloring, material, executed from unusual for such product. The lamp in style of Tiffany for which production the decorative mosaic, stained glass inserts, multi-colored stones and bright parts are used as well as possible will approach the interior issued in dark tones. Wall-paper with the flower drawing will well have something in common with the lamp in style floristics.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team