How to choose surface mounted luminaires

How to choose surface mounted luminaires

With development of modern technologies in the field of lighting more and more house owners began to pass to surface mounted luminaires which are designed to replace partially chandeliers which can obviously not fit into interior of the modern apartment, house or room gradually.

At registration of the apartment by means of surface mounted luminaires it is necessary to develop the unrolled project of mounting and fastening of surface mounted luminaires and also to define that necessary number of lamps at which, in your opinion, the most comfortable lighting of the room or room will be reached.

On design distinguish consignment notes and the built-in lamps. Consignment notes are used when mounting on the prepared surface, they fasten by means of self-tapping screws or bolts. Built in are used at installation on suspended designs – for example, stretch or false ceiling. Such lamps provide better illumination.

Dot surface mounted luminaires provide optimum room illumination or rooms. At their competent use the fine line between light, shadow and interior is created that is only advantage in comparison with other types of lighting to the apartment. They are compact, are ideal for stretch and false ceilings, do not damage the last.

Surface mounted luminaires are more fireproof, than other types of lamps. It occurs because they are made of metals which carry badly out heat and thanks to it 3-4 times less heat is generated that ensures the increased fire safety and to minimize danger. Probably, their main advantage is the price. But you should not forget also that they it is easy-to-work. For care for dot surface mounted luminaires it is necessary to wipe only occasionally them from dust that reduces additional costs of cleaning agents and saves time.

Use of dot surface mounted luminaires gives rise to the mass of the new ideas for design of your apartment, they will perfectly fit into any interior. Also there are flickering dot lamps which create effect of "star sky" that is also great idea for design of your ceiling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team