How to choose suspended toilet bowl

How to choose suspended toilet bowl

The popularity of suspended toilet bowls constantly grows as they not only are original and functional, but also perfectly fit into various options of design of the room. But you should not forget that at such plumbing the comfort is directly proportional to its right choice.


1. Pay attention to form of toilet bowl and to its design. You can pick up suspended toilet bowls for the taste oval, round, convex or squared. Also look narrowly at color gamma of this sanitary product.

2. Execute measurements of toilet bowl as it can be too big if you have small bathroom. At the same time take in attention that though suspended toilet bowls and look tiny, however they do not save space. It is connected with the fact that most often the drain tank hides behind false-wall. Occasionally it can be built in in the special niche located in wall.

3. Pay attention to material of which the toilet bowl is made. Today it is possible to acquire set of the models made of various materials. For example, it can be glass, plastic or cast iron, however the most popular after all is the ceramics. If you want to get ceramic toilet bowl too, be defined, there will be it porcelain or faience. Though both of these materials are very strong and durable, but some of their characteristics significantly differ. So, for example, if you want to choose suspended toilet bowl which will well wash, get porcelain.

4. One of paramount values for durability and reliability of product the design plays it. Therefore surely carefully look narrowly at its quality. The German and Italian producers are considered as the best. However if your financial position does not allow you to carry out such acquisition – choose the combined options. For example, many firms as an alternative offer frame with communications and tank, made in Italy or Germany, and toilet bowl – from other producers.

5. Pick up the system of washout and drain tank. So the system of draining can be vertical, horizontal or pass at an angle. When choosing be guided by on what type communications in your house or in the apartment are laid. As for the choice of drain tank, It is necessary to tell that for this type of toilet bowls they happen two versions. The first fasten on load bearing wall, and others – to any thin surface.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team