How to choose the air purifier

How to choose the air purifier

The air purifier can help to reduce dust content in air and to considerably reduce amount of allergens which surround you and your family everywhere. There are models with fragrances and humidifiers therefore understand variety of air purifiers it can be very simple. I hope several advice will help to choose that cleaner which is necessary to you.

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1. Before purchase of the air purifier for a start be defined what type of cleaner to you it is necessary. Two most widespread: filtering and ionizing. Cleaners filters – some kind of "trap" for dirt, and ionizers load parts of dust and thus bring together her.

2. Find out what additional functions are necessary to your air purifier. For example, elimination of smells. The majority of air purifiers have function of removal of unpleasant smells, thanks to charcoal filters.

3. Choose that size of the air purifier which to you to liking. Depending on the sizes the sizes of the square in which use of cleaner will be effective change.

4. Specify the noise level which publish the models which have attracted to you. If you are going to use the air purifier constantly, then foreign loud sounds will obviously not delight you.

5. Find out about energy consumption of the air cleaner. Producers actively develop energy saving models. It is better to make sure that yours – such.

6. As soon as you have decided on model – compare the prices of your air cleaner in as it is possible the bigger number of shops. You will choose that option most of which suits you. But do not forget to find out conditions of after-sales service and complete set of model.

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