How to choose the bench drilling machine

How to choose the bench drilling machine

The bench drilling machine carries out drilling of openings in metal, tree, plastic and some other materials. Its design allows to achieve high accuracy during the work – at the same time this accuracy much more exceeds similar indicators of drill. It is possible to choose the good drilling machine, being guided by its characteristics and the brand of the producer.

Design of the bench drilling machine

The design of the drilling unit consists of the electric drive equipped with cartridge for drills, the silent asynchronous engine, calculated for long work and also work table on which vice is fixed.

Usually work table of the drilling machine can be regulated on height to the head of the desktop device.

Also drilling machine is hafted which operates the spindle course, and the necessary working equipment. Before drilling the preparation needs to be attached to table and to record it clamps or vice, and to the place of processing to bring the nozzle giving lubricant and cooling liquid. Such system of work, regulation and strong fixing in total give the maximum accuracy when drilling openings by means of the bench drilling machine.

We select the machine according to characteristics

Choosing the drilling machine for household application, first of all decide on diameter of openings which it will carry out. It is connected with the fact that division of models is carried out in this parameter. Then decide on materials which will be processed by the machine as there are models intended for work with tree or metal, and there are universal machines which can work with any of these materials.

If you select the device for house workshop, give preference to the multipurpose drilling machine.

Pay special attention when choosing the machine to its power indicators – the unit consuming up to 3 kW is considered heavy fixed equipment. Also consider distance spindle basis and dimensions of work table as these parameters are responsible for the limit size of the preparation suitable for processing on the machine. Number of modern models of drilling machines has additional characteristics – for example, the wide range of number of speeds, possibility of horizontal inclination of work table, functions of threading and milling, automatic giving pintles and so on. They allow the master to accelerate and facilitate work with the device considerably. As for the producer, today the most popular drilling machines are the JET models made by the Swiss company Walter Meier AG and also the Corvette machines manufactured in China.

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