How to choose the best seeds of carrots

How to choose the best seeds of carrots

The range of seeds of carrots is so big that to make choice not easy. Is early and late, cylindrical and round, with core and without, with long storage life and for the use in young look. Therefore behind seeds of carrots it is better to go to shop, having already decided on grade.


1. If you want to receive young carrots on bed in June, you need early ripening grades: 1. "The polar cranberry" – one of the earliest, ripens from the moment of landing of 65 days, rounded shape, color pink-orange, the increased content of sugars.2. Tushon – the period of vegetation makes 70 days, root crops brightly orange, cylindricity with stupid tip, pulp juicy and gentle; 3. Amsterdam – from shoots before cleaning passes 80 days, root crop cylindrical, bright orange, pulp sweet. 4. "Parisian the chastener" both Karotelka – short and round fruits of these grades are similar to orange jingles, ripen in 80 days after landing.5. Minikor – keeps up in 85 days, core small, root crop reddish-orange, long (up to 15 cm), has gentle taste.6. "Praline" – the equal form with roundish tips, fruit has no core, juicy orange pulp, the vegetation period - 90 days.

2. In July-August, mid-season grades, such as fructify: 1. To Flakka – 100 days from shoots before cleaning, the equal spindle-shaped root crop, very long (up to 30 cm), can be used as fresh, and to be stored and to be processed. 2. "The red giant" – very productive variety with vegetation of 90-100 days, length - up to 24 cm, gentle sweet pulp of orange color, is stored till March.3. "Nantes" – the most popular grade used for subwinter sowing ripens in 100-110 days, root crops cylindrical, small (15 cm), core thin, pulp orange-red, very gentle and fragrant. 4. "The sugar gourmand" – the most sweet grade of carrots, ripens in 80-100 days, root crops long up to 25 cm, smooth, dark orange, with small core.

3. From late grades of carrots the best are widely zoned: 1. Valery – the period of maturing is 100-120 days, root crops long, pulp rough, core large, are very well stored. 2. Karlena – the champion in storage, high-yielding, maturing term - 120 days, crispy juicy pulp, orange color, fruits cylindrical, smooth. 3. Olimpus – contains a lot of carotene, fruits of orange-red color, conic, ripen in 130-135 days after disembarkation in soil.4. "Coral" – late grade, vegetation lasts up to 150 days, color dark orange, very large fruits (up to 22 cm), is stored well. 5. "Cardinal" – one more late grade with vegetation of 140-150 days, cone-shaped form, with stupid tips, dark orange color, carrots is famous for the increased content of carotene and sugars, possesses excellent lezhkost and high tastes.

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