How to choose the boiler of indirect heating

How to choose the boiler of indirect heating

If you have decided to design heating services of residential building, then surely there will be question connected with the choice of boiler and boiler of indirect heating. Now there are several types of such devices.


1. You can buy the single-circuit boiler. In this case you should provide the separate hot water supply. Double-circuit models enjoy wide popularity. They are capable to provide residential building with both heat, and hot water. Most often heating for heating of the room is used single-circuit boiler with the boiler of indirect heating connected to system. In this case indoors there will be both heat, and hot water.

2. The boiler design very much reminds water heater design. However they are suited much more simply. In them there is no own system of heating of the heat carrier. The boiler uses heat of heating services. In such device there is storage tank and also water heating. Also there is heat exchanger on which there is movement of the heat carrier.

3. The boiler of indirect heating can be connected practically to any type of heating boiler. Also it is quite often connected to the central heating services and to heat pumps. The boiler has the built-in thermostat by means of which adjustment of heating temperature of water is carried out. It is possible to meet this device in floor and wall execution. As a rule, indicators of parameters of pressure and water temperature are built in them.

4. Devices do not demand connection of power supply. Exception are only the combined boilers. The electric heating coil is built in them. Such water heater can be used as the electric boiler, for example, in the summer, when there is no need for work of heating boiler.

5. Choose boilers of indirect heating proceeding from the power of boiler of heating system. The heat carrier expense via the heat exchanger has to be less than 50% of the general stream of the heat carrier via the boiler. Otherwise the system will not come to the required indicators.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team