How to choose the deep pump

How to choose the deep pump

The deep pump more often called submersible is intended for liquid raising from certain depth. Pumps of this type need to be submerged to Wednesday which they swing therefore they are made of the materials capable with firmness to transfer influence of water and other liquids.


1. There are two types of deep pumps for water supply - borehole and well. Borehole are used for water lifting from artesian wells that imposes certain restrictions for their design - their diameter usually does not exceed 10 cm. Well use in wells, big artificial tanks, reservoirs that is where requirements to the pump sizes are not imposed. Well pumps at the expense of the bigger size have higher efficiency, are not so difficult on design, so, have the smaller price.

2. Pumps can be vibration and centrifugal. Vibration pumps have the smaller price, but choose them only for work in artificial tanks and reservoirs. For wells and wells buy only centrifugal pumps. The fact is that vibration pumps create stationary vibration of water which then is transferred to surrounding breed, as a result the well or well zapeskovyvatsya quickly.

3. When choosing the submersible pump you have to decide on the required water pressure. It is the most important characteristic of the pump if the pump is not able to provide the necessary pressure, it just will not bring water from depth to the surface. For calculation of the required pressure you need to find out dynamic height of water in the well: this distance from earth surface to water mirror at the switched-on pump. To this size it is necessary to add maximum height from earth surface on which it is necessary to lift water, and necessary pressure in house water supply system - about 30 meters, and then to increase the received value by 20% for accounting of hydraulic losses. Tell the seller the size of the pressure demanded to you, and it will pick up model which will provide your conditions.

4. Make sure that the chosen deep pump has protection against the dry course. Sometimes water in the well or well falls below minimum tolerance level, and the pump begins to idle that leads to its fast overheating. The good pump has to have the special device which will power off at abatement of the water level.

5. Choose the pump under your needs. Expensive powerful submersible pumps can provide performance in 200 cubic meters of water an hour, for normal domestic needs it is ultraboundary size. Estimate the approximate water flow and select the pump according to this size, do not overpay for the performance unnecessary you.

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