How to choose the designer for creation of landscape on the site

How to choose the designer for creation of landscape on the site

The increasing number of citizens manages to realize dream of individual housing. They buy the parcels and build on them own houses on unique projects. But the territory around the house requires not less attention, than internal planning and registration of rooms. And here it is necessary to choose the designer for creation of the landscape on the site considering features of location of the house and relief of the area adjoining to it.


1. Many civil engineering firms offer design services in complex of the performed works. Large number of landscape designers take orders for individual design. But the quantity not always means quality, and true professionals remain worth its weight in gold. Choosing the expert, give preference to the one who has the corresponding higher education, and, so has theoretical knowledge which in practice allows to avoid elementary mistakes.

2. If the designer self-educated person who is professionally working at high level has got to you talented first of all get acquainted with its portfolio. In it sketches, the project documentation and photos of those objects which have been executed by it have to be submitted. Many of designers have the own corporate style therefore already on portfolio it will be clear to you whether this expert will suit you, and whether views of fine coincide at you with it.

3. Estimate approach of the designer to design of landscape of your site. Initial project and outline documentation has to be executed at the high professional level, with use of modern program specialized providing. Drawings and sketches should not be issued on writing-book sheets. Sketches have to give idea as the site from different points will look. Schemes and drawings have to be clear to builders who will realize the project.

4. Not the last value has also mutual understanding of the customer and the designer projecting landscape. It should not be dialogues of two deaf people when requests of one and arguments of another are not considered by the interlocutor. The designer has to consider your wishes and not realize those ideas which have come to its mind without coordination with you. In case the request stated by you cannot be implemented, he has to manage is reasoned to prove you it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team