How to choose the designer of apartments

How to choose the designer of apartments

Before many people beginning capital or the renovation of the apartment, quite often arises question: to think up design of the room independently or to use services of the professional designer. Decided to call to the aid the expert, it is just necessary to know how to choose the designer of apartments it is correct, degree of cosiness, beauty and originality of the house will depend on work of this person.


1. Approach the choice of the designer of apartments very responsibly. First of all interview all the acquaintances who already used services of this sort of experts. Learn whether they were satisfied with result of work of any given master. Read comments on specific designers of apartments of your city on the Internet. Try to choose the option which is the most suitable for you.

2. Surely meet the designer of apartments chosen by you personally. The first sign that the person is suitable option it is easy, pleasant and easy communication between you.

3. Do not fixate the attention on appearance of the expert. He can be fat or too thin, high or low, bald or with braid. It is not important at all, your main requirement to this person – professionalism, but not his smart appearance.

4. The designer of apartments surely has to have art education, the highest is desirable. Good masters, as a rule, work not alone, and in the team of professionals. Pay attention to it, otherwise you can become deceived by the designer self-educated person who at best has finished monthly profile courses.

5. Surely get acquainted with portfolio of the designer chosen by you. The good expert will always show you sketches and the present photos of the latest works.

6. The expert of high level before works will surely make measurement of all rooms, without paying attention to ready data of BTI which quite often are wrong, and will offer at your choice several sketches, style and planning solutions of your future house.

7. Remember that the true professional of the business will never begin to perform the work cheap. So be going to lay out the round sum for services of the designer of apartments, but be sure that the result of work of the expert will be stunning.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team