How to choose the dryer for vegetables

How to choose the dryer for vegetables

For each person fresh fruit and vegetables act as the main source of vitamins. The organism needs fruit from time to time. Unfortunately, fresh we can use them only limited time. During other period it is possible to be content only with compotes, salads and jam. In order that fruit it would be possible to store long time, they need to be dried. For this purpose there is dryer for vegetables.


1. Those people who at least once tried to dry products for the winter, know as far as it is troublesome. To get rid of excess vanity it is possible to use the dryer for vegetables and fruit. This device is capable to process all reaped crop, at the same time all vitamins will remain. You can save yourself from winter avitaminosis.

2. The dryer for fruit – irreplaceable means which helps to prepare any products of plant origin for long storage. Now in shop it is possible to meet very many the most various models of electric dryers. How it is correct to choose?

3. Practically all modern dryers make drying in the automatic or semi-automatic mode. You need only to be engaged in thorough training of products. They need to be cleaned and cut. After that it is possible to set the drying mode. Other work will be made the device independently.

4. The majority of electric dryers uses heated air during the work. It promotes reduction of drying time of vegetables and also fruit. Cheaper models are based on natural air circulation. The quality of drying of products will be identical. Variously only time which is spent for work.

5. The electric dryer can be manufactured of plastic or metal. Most often, metal dryers it is much heavier, than plastic. Therefore it is better to buy the metal dryer in case you are not going it to move from place to place. Models can have different capacity. All depends on the number of the pallets which are their part. Also surely consider that the metal body can strongly heat up during the work. It in most cases leads to overheating of the device and uneven drying of products. There are dryers with temperature regulator now. You can put manually necessary temperature and be engaged in its adjustment in drying time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team