How to choose the electric counter

How to choose the electric counter

The electric counter is device for accounting of the consumed electric power. In trade the huge range of these goods from induction to electronic instruments is provided. Each model has the technical characteristics therefore upon purchase the attention should be paid to documents which have given out to you in the company delivering electricity.

It is required to you

  • - passport of the counter;
  • - certificate of conformity of GOST;
  • - specifications.


1. If in your specifications which you have issued in the electrocompany it is specified that you have the right to establish any kind of the counter – induction or electronic and also to make mounting of both the one-rate device, and multitariff, then when choosing the device you should consider only own requirements and to lean on own opportunities.

2. If you have chosen the one-rate metering device, then will pay the consumed electric power for one tariff, when choosing the two-tariff device you will have opportunity to save on electricity at night, including power-intensive devices, such as washing and dish washer at night when tariff cost 10 times less. Three-tariff counters will allow you to use the electric power more rationally, regulating consumption at the threefold cost of the tariff separated per day, night, rush hours.

3. If in your specifications it is not specified that you have the right to use multitariff metering devices, and you want to use them, file to the power company petition and receive the specifications conforming to your requirements.

4. Also upon purchase examine at what temperature condition it is possible to use the electric counter. The majority of devices are calculated on use to the room with above-zero temperatures, but on sale there are also such devices which can be installed in not heated rooms and to use minus of 45 degrees at temperature condition.

5. All sold devices have to have the certificate of conformity of GOST and permission to use in the territory of the Russian Federation. Therefore surely look at the available document.

6. Also ask the seller to explain to you whether stand on the seal device, confirming the state check. On single-phase counters the seals have to be no more than 2 years old, on three-phase – no more than 12 months. If points of trade have not managed to implement goods for the specified time, then devices are subject to the reinspection and sealing confirming the state check of accuracy.

7. The class of accuracy of all devices released in accordance with GOST is equal 2 therefore if there is certificate of conformity, then you do not have need to care for it.

8. In the passport of the device the print of seal of the state check has to be specified. The seal has to have accurate contours with not smeared borders, to be from mastic of red or black color, in certain cases covered with silver steel.

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