How to choose the electrodryer

How to choose the electrodryer

There are several widespread ways of preservation of nutrients in vegetables and fruit, in particular, freezing and drying. Drying is the most ancient way. Now for full drying of vegetables and fruit are used electrodrying.

1. There are several types of elektrosushka. The simplest option represents plastic leaf with the heating coils laid inside. Size of pallet of such electrodrying of 20 by 60 cm. Working with such dryer, spread fruit on pallet, turn on the device in the socket. Drying process begins. You should not forget to overturn fruits. This option for economical hostesses who seldom do preparations.

2. Is drying with metal pallet and frame grid from stainless steel. Fruits give all the best on grid. In such elektrosushka there is function of adjustment of heating temperature. But also in this case it is worth monitoring preparation process.

3. If you have very large volume of preparations for the winter, then give preference to the universal electrodryer. Its height can reach 60 centimeters, and the number of pallets varies from three to seven. Total weight of all design reaches five kilograms.

4. On sale there are also ifrakrasny electrodryers, they extend excess moisture by means of ifrakrasny radiation. But their notable minus are dimensions and weight, they can reach the sizes of standard electric stove.

5. Electrodryers can differ also in body material, it can be both plastic, and metal. If in the house there are children, then it is recommended to choose the plastic body as metal heats up during the work.

6. It is necessary to pay attention that at the high power in the electrodryer there has to be integral fan, the thermostat and the timer of work. There are electrodryers with the central well when hot air moves evenly in all sections, and is with standard giving of heat from below up.

7. Take an interest at the seller about nominal loading of baking sheets. It can make from 500 g to 1 kg. Also it is worth paying attention to height of pallets as large fruit and vegetables have to enter freely. If you are going to dry berries, then it is necessary to take the electrodryer with special film that small fruits did not wake up.

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