How to choose the elevator

How to choose the elevator

The cottage elevator is optimal solution of fast movement on the house. To choose the elevator, it is necessary to know construction features, types of the equipment and other characteristics of this hoisting appliance.


1. Select look liftapo the type of cargoes can separate lifting devices into two categories - passenger and cargo. Passenger lifts are intended for transportation of people and easy cargoes and are established in residential and public buildings, hotels, sports complexes. Facilitate movement on ladders, having picked up the elevator for low owner-occupied dwelling.

2. Choose type of elevators cottages special requirements are imposed to lifting devices. Here high-speed elevators with big ascent are not relevant. Important condition is reliability, safety and slow speed of the equipment. Choose the elevator with hydraulic or pneumatic type of the drive – he does not publish noise and is compact. Pick up the system of opening of doors manual or automatic. If the elevator shaft wide, establish oar (manual) doors. At small space the option of automatic opening of cabin is more reasonable. Choose telescopic doors: they easily develop and mines will take places on each side. For usability of the elevator consider the possibility of exit in front, sideways or on each side cabins.

3. Choose type the oborudovaniyaliftovy cabin moves by means of the electric, hydraulic or pneumatic drive. In the first electric winches, secondly – cylinders with long piston travel are used. The hydraulic elevator does not provide hoisting speed and in case of emergency opens doors only on 1 floor. But its pump unit takes not enough place and does not demand the additional room. Classical version of the elevator – electric. This design allows to transport passengers quickly, but demands important place for the winch. If you agree to allocate for lifting equipment the certain room or part of the mine under ceiling of upper floor, choose the electric elevator.

4. Choose option of installation you liftaopredelitsya with sizes of the mine and its place in the house. Depending on architectural planning of cottage, choose way of installation of the elevator in the building: on wall, in the lift mine or in self-supported metal design. If you want to mount the closed elevator, arrange it on load bearing wall of cottage. To make the overview of cabin, glaze one of walls of the mine and pick up elevator model with transparent door. That the stylish elevator became the central place in registration of the house, stop the attention on option of the panoramic mine with glass cabin.

5. Define design lifting devices with the deaf and panoramic mine and with various options of finishing of lift cabin liftavypolnyatsya: glass and mirrors, tree, stainless steel or gravel. That the elevator has harmoniously fitted into surrounding space, pick up exterior according to your interior.

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