How to choose the freezing chamber

How to choose the freezing chamber

Freezing chambers – devices convenient and often irreplaceable. The frozen berries, fruit, vegetables and other products keep the qualities and taste, being in the high-quality freezing chamber several months. To choose the freezing chamber it is necessary to know key parameters of the device.

1. There are 2 types of freezing chambers – cabinets and lari. Freezing cabinets have the vertical device and remind fridges. Freezing lari – horizontal, take not really a lot of place and they can be placed on the balcony, they are more economic. Choose camera type according to the preferences.

2. The class of the freezing chamber defines its ability to store products in appropriate quality. On door of the camera it is possible to notice badge in the form of snowflake – he points to the maximum temperature of the camera. The more snowflakes on door, the products will longer be stored.

3. The automatic defrosting is more preferable, than manual. The camera with manual defrosting should be switched-off from network periodically.

4. Choose the camera with economy mode of energy consumption – in freezing chambers the gradation goes according to the Latin alphabet in decreasing order.

5. Functions of superfreezing and availability of cold accumulators are considered as the most useful. Function of superfreezing will allow to keep vitamins and useful substances, to quickly freeze products. The second function is intended for the periods of temporary blackout – accumulators maintain camera temperature within 24 hours. Sound and light signals, the remote control do operation of the freezing chamber convenient and comfortable.

6. If you have already bought the fridge and you accept its work, then it makes sense to choose the freezing chamber of the same producer. Such combination will look more organically – it is possible to combine both devices and to arrange them together.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team