How to choose the hammer

How to choose the hammer

The hammer is one of the construction tools which are most often used in the house. That work with it did not give any inconvenience, before purchase of the hammer it is necessary to consider the choice.


1. Hammers happen several types. At some back parts it is doubled in the form of language of snake (paring hammer). Such design allows to pull out nails. Most often tools meet the equal or sharpened part quickly (bench hammer). Such tools are intended for swamping of very thin nails. Consider that hammers of different weight carry out different types of works. Than it is easier the tool, especially delicate work it makes.

2. Small hammers weighing 100-200 grams will be suitable for upholstery of furniture. Rough work, swamping of long and wide nails, demands the heavy tool (700-800 grams). The most universal hammers have the weight of 400-500 grams. Too small hammer will not cope with loading, and too big can damage part. Also pay attention to the tool handle. The metal handle the strongest, but metal heats quickly up and cooled that is not always convenient in work.

3. Hammers with wooden handles quite cheap, the tree is not inclined to temperature drops. The handle from rubber is most convenient, it interferes with sliding of palm. The size of the handle is of great importance too. The long handle is more convenient in work. Look narrowly at shock part of the tool. Made of soft materials (rubber, copper or lead), it will not damage product. Of course, such shock part is less durable. This hammer will not be suitable for normal domestic needs.

4. For woodworks take mall - the hammer which has consisting of beech rounded boyok. Before buying the tool, make sure that the hammer has no damages. On the handle there should not be cracks, boyok densely adjoins to the handle, does not move and does not act. It is better for you to buy several hammers of the different size and with different shock parts. You can buy only one tool, but you should consider the choice carefully. You have to know for sure what type of the hammer is useful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team