How to choose the heater for giving

How to choose the heater for giving

With approach of cold season the owners of country houses begin to think of how to warm premises of country house. The modern market of heaters has wide range of products, but to choose optimal variant for giving heating not easy.


1. Heaters happen several types: electric, gas and alternative. Gas units are used for heating of hangars and shops, that is in the production purposes. In life electric heaters are used.

2. Before choosing the electric device, define its assignment: for constant or temporary heating.

3. The oil electric heater – the most popular device. It has set of advantages: mobility, profitability, high heat emission and also simplicity and usability. But at the same time oil heaters cannot be used indoors with the increased humidity and completely it is impossible to cover it at all.

4. Fan heaters are not less popular. They are compact, convenient and safe (about them it is impossible to burn). However fan heaters have also minuses: at hit on heating coil of dust there is unpleasant smell, and this heater rustles during the work.

5. Fine option for giving heating – the convector. It is better to place these heating devices closer to floor: so more effectively there is heating of the country room. Thanks to the fact that heaters are executed in different variations of design execution devices of this group will excellently fit into any interior.

6. The popularity is gained by household infrared heaters who are to quartz or carbonic spiral. Action of the infrared heater is based that he warms up not indoor air but only the objects which are in area of coverage of its beams.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team