How to choose the high-quality conditioner

How to choose the high-quality conditioner

The mistakes made when choosing the conditioner can lead to very unpleasant consequences: dismantling and replacement of such device demands a lot of money, forces and time not to mention that often in such cases it is necessary to do renovation in the room.

Choice of the high-quality conditioner

Pay attention to manufacturing firm. It is not obligatory to look for at all the company which does not manufacture the conditioners in China – now most firms have the plants in this country or at least buy there part of the equipment as it is very favorable. Factory Chinese things can be very qualitative. For this reason the attention should be paid first of all not to the country where the goods, and on reputation of firm are manufactured. Read responses, learn how many years the company is engaged in production of conditioners. You should not buy products of the unreliable company.

Consider one important point: some firms are engaged in production of a number of goods, and the quality of products of different categories can differ. If the company releases good vacuum cleaners, it does not mean at all, as conditioners will be on the ball too.

It is desirable that protection of the conditioner was very high. It considerably will prolong equipment life cycle. First of all it is about protection against differences of tension in the power supply network. The low-quality models which do not have such protection can quickly fail, and their repair will cost very much. It is also desirable that the device was complemented with the non-volatile chip capable automatically to restart the conditioner in case of shutdown and the subsequent inclusion of electricity. Also qualitative models are equipped with the system of self-diagnostics: they can determine coolant leak level, find malfunctions and report about them. This function is very useful – it simplifies service of the device and care for it.

Choice of the conditioner: what to pay attention to

The high-quality conditioner differs in low noise level. Carefully thought over device design, the reliable compressor, correctly picked up fans allows to achieve it. Too loud noise during the operation of the device not only often becomes sign of poor quality, but also turns into the discomfort reason. Modern high-quality conditioners, as a rule, belong to invertor type. It means that they do not join-are switched off every time when air temperature goes beyond set limits, and only raise or lower power. It allows them to react more thinly to changes of microclimate and to maintain the set temperature, without allowing sharp "jumps". It is important also that sensors rather precisely took temperature as otherwise the device will be or it is insufficiently good to cool air, or to consume more energy, than it is necessary.

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