How to choose the horn coffee maker

How to choose the horn coffee maker

In the horn coffee maker drink is cooked under high-vapor pressure. Such type of coffee – with tasty and fragrant skin - is called as "espresso" and therefore horn coffee makers also call espresso coffee makers. To make coffee in such unit, it is necessary to fill the tank with water, and horn - the ground well stamped coffee seeds.


1. Define what vapor pressure is necessary for you. Horn coffee makers with pressure around 4 bars heat water in the closed capacity and when pressure reaches limit, open the special valve and pass steam through ground coffee. At the same time steam is very hot that does many grades of coffee less fragrant, than they are actually. However superheated steam strengthens effect of caffeine; drink turns out especially invigorating. Coffee is cooked about two minutes. More expensive horn coffee makers (with pressure about 15 bars) work by means of the electromagnetic pump with the thermoblock which warms up water so that coffee kept all completeness of taste and aroma. Drink is cooked in half-minute.

2. Look at material of which the horn is made. Metal is better, than plastic: coffee optimum gets warm, turns out more saturated and dense.

3. Decide what volume is necessary for you. Horn coffee makers are "more simply" equipped with the small tank (up to 0.6 l). With more high pressure it is possible to pour into coffee makers to 1.5 liters of water, but even in this case it is possible to prepare only 1-2 cups of coffee at the same time.

4. Think what coffee drinks especially are pleasant to you. For example, in horn coffee makers there can be function of preparation of cappuccino. The system of beating of milk in this case is automatic (there is special tank for milk) and mechanical (there is only tubule with nozzle). In the first case it is simpler to shake up dense magnificent foam.

5. Find out whether conveniently for you will get and use the packed coffee. In some horn coffee makers it is possible to cook drink in chalda – disposable packagings with a la carte for the pressed coffees packaged ground between two layers of filter paper. Horn coffee makers from chalda are easy in use and are quickly cleaned after that. However they are much more expensive than normal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team