How to choose the household conditioner

How to choose the household conditioner

Upon purchase of any equipment it is necessary to be informed in the offered models and also their characteristics. Correctly chosen conditioner will allow to create indoors comfortable situation and also will be able to save you from need of its frequent repair.


1. All conditioners can be separated conditionally. There are household, semi-industrial and also industrial conditioners. The household conditioner has capacity up to 8 kW. It can be applied to the room which area no more than 100 square meters. For conditioning it is possible to install window, mobile conditioners or Split system. They are applied most often in apartments and in separate rooms of office rooms.

2. The semi-industrial conditioner can well cool the room up to 350 square meters. Various modifications Split systems and also cassette, channel and columned conditioners meet. They have such power which allows to carry out cooling of shops, multiroom apartments and other spacious rooms.

3. It is accepted to carry units which can cool the room more than 350 square meters to industrial conditioners. They are applied to conditioning of industrial premises, supermarket and other building.

4. The window conditioner well is suitable for the apartment. It needs to be mounted in window opening. These models well cool and heat indoor air. Power of such devices is 7 kW. They differ in the fact that can be used as extract. Recently the remote control is included in their package.

5. Unfortunately, these conditioners have also shortcomings. For a start it is necessary to tell that installation of such conditioner will reduce illumination level indoors. Besides, it cannot be mounted in double-glazed windows. Also minus it is possible to call noisy work. The space opposite to the unit will have to interfere be openly, for example, curtains it with normal work. But at all shortcomings these units are in demand because of the lowest price.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team