How to choose the inflatable pool

How to choose the inflatable pool

Which of owners of own house or dachas did not dream of the real pool? Such construction is capable to present to members of household and guests many pleasant minutes, to give charge of cheerfulness and positive emotions. If the construction of the full-fledged pool is difficult to you, try to choose its analog executed in the form of inflatable design.


1. Define the requirements concerning opportunities of the inflatable pool. In the market it is possible to meet models of various design, form, the size and depth. Design decisions also differ in big variety. Choosing specific model, you proceed from age of family members and their ability to float. If you choose the pool specifically for children, stop the choice on small model which can be rearranged without effort from place to place.

2. Pay attention to pool form. Try to correlate it to features of the site on which the construction will be established. Inflatable pools can have the correct geometrical form, for example, type of square, rectangle, circle or oval. More exotic pools having the wrong outlines and contours which also well fit into landscape of the house adjoining territory meet.

3. Specify whether the pool has the system of filtration and water treatment. As a rule, such devices equip pools of the considerable sizes. In the absence of the system of cleaning you should change water in capacity each two-three days. The good pool also has to have drain hole in the lower part and the built-in pump for water injection. If the pump is not included in the package, ask the seller to recommend you the pump of the most suitable design.

4. Do not forget to take an interest in type of bottom of the pool which has attracted to you. It can be flat or inflatable. If children use the device, it is more preferable to choose the pool with the inflatable bottom making games on water safer. The flat bottom has that advantage that it is much more convenient to move on it, than on inflatable.

5. Evaluate set of the accessories which are applied to the inflatable pool. For deep construction the ladder will be convenient. There are models which are equipped with the hill and elements protecting vacationers from sunshine, for example, tents or hoods. It will be original to look the pool equipped with the built-in fountainlet connected to normal water supply system.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team