How to choose the invertor welding machine

How to choose the invertor welding machine

Welding machines happen two main types: transformer and invertor. It is considered that the last type of devices much more effective, more mobile and is more economic. Besides to master invertor weldings slightly more simply. They are suitable for house use. However they also are many times more expensive transformer therefore upon purchase it is necessary to look narrowly at each model and to choose that invertor welding machine which will suit you.


1. The first criterion. Possibilities of the welding machine are defined by the range of welding current. Therefore when choosing pay special attention to such characteristic as TAC. The TAC is deciphered as operating time percent at the set welding current. For counting of time most often apply 15-minute interval. It means that without fear that the device can burn down, it can use smoothly within 15 minutes. Therefore, choose the device with big percent of operating time.

2. The second criterion. Choose the welding machine with the big tension of idling that the arch was lit easier. Modern devices already have the device of ignition of arch that considerably facilitates process. If there is opportunity, buy the device possessing functions of straightening of current. It is option allows to do better seam. Besides such welding machine possesses additional settings: engine firing, accumulator charging, heating and straightening of metal by means of carbon electrode.

3. The third criterion. The welding inverter is considered the most modern device. Choose the inverter with the maximum frequency equal 60-85 kHz as it considerably will lose their weight. One more important criterion – completeness of the welding machine. That is to the inverter the small suitcase for its carrying and storage has to be included in the package except wires. Invertor devices the most whimsical because of various built-in electronic parts. They are afraid of dust, moisture and other harmful external effects of the environment.

4. The fourth criterion. Pay attention to the power consumption of the welding machine. Inverters are good the fact that they can be included in the household socket without any adapters. However they consume much more power, than household appliances. It is also necessary to consider when choosing indicators of maintainability of the device. Upon purchase take an interest also at consultants in shop about warranty period and service repair of this device.

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