How to choose the lawn-mower

How to choose the lawn-mower

If you want to have beautiful lawn at the dacha, you should look after it, first of all - regularly to cut grass. Lawn-mowers are presented at the market in huge number and it is necessary to consider several factors. which have to influence your choice of any given stock for lawn hairstyle.

1. Lawn-mowers traditionally are divided into petrolmowers and electric and also into wheel mowers and trimmers.

2. The most inexpensive and simple option is to buy the trimmer, that is something like bar on which the electric motor and kosilny head with fishing line is located. At the same time the motor is located below directly over fishing line. Trimmers are suitable for small sites as power their usually not too high and to process the section of the extensive square will be too labor-consuming. Minus the trimmer also that it works only from electricity, that is you are forced to carry for yourself long cord, at the same time at the slightest rain work should be stopped (as with any electric equipment).

3. There are also manual lawn-mowers at which the motor (it can be petrol or electric) is located from above. Such lawn-mowers have high power and are suitable for uneven sites where there cannot go the lawn-mower by wheels. When choosing the manual lawn-mower pay attention to its weight and think who in your family will be able to use it if it is rather heavy.

4. Wheel lawn-mowers can also use both gasoline, and from electricity. They are the cart on wheels with the high handle, thus in the course of work you push the lawn-mower before yourself as carriage. Wheel lawn-mowers it is much more convenient manual, but are suitable only for plain surfaces. They are much more expensive and it is reasonable to buy them if you have rather big site.

5. There are also lawn-mowers which are mini-tractors, that is they carry the person who operates them. They are called riders and used in very large territories.

6. Thus, electric mowers more eco-friendly (there are no petrolexhausts), simplicity in service, low noise level, but they less powerful and also more dangerous in terms of work with electricity. Petrol lawn-mowers more powerful, have the big grass collector, do not depend on power supply, but demand regular maintenance, replacement of gasoline and oil, make more noise and toxic exhausts. Be defined what pluses and minuses play for you large role, and you will find the option.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team