How to choose the microwave

How to choose the microwave

The modern market of household goods has huge variety of microwave ovens because of what it is sometimes very difficult to buyer to make right choice. Before choosing these kitchen appliances and to buy it, it is necessary to get acquainted with its technical characteristics.

1. Define what has to be the volume of the microwave oven. Microwave ovens can be small volume (up to 20 l): they are used for defrosting of products and also heating of ready dishes. Besides, the kitchen appliances can be the average size (from 20 l to 28 l): such Microwave ovens are ideal for family of 3-4 people. Also microwaves can be the big size (spaciousness over 28 l): in such furnaces it is possible to prepare anything, even to bake turkey.

2. Pay attention to the functional modes of microwave ovens. So, if in the chosen kitchen appliances you are going to defreeze only products or to warm food, then there will be enough microwave oven mode. If you bake pies or to bake meat or fish, choose model with convection. Besides, in microwaves there can be tenovy or quartz grill. The quartz grill differs in set of advantages: it is easily cleaned, takes not enough place and quickly gains necessary power. The Tenovy grill spends much more electric power, than quartz and it is inconvenient to clean it.

3. Choosing the Microwave oven, pay attention to internal coating: enamel, ceramics or stainless steel. The most widespread material – enamel (and walls smooth, are also cleaned easily). The covering from stainless steel has rough surface and is cleaned from fat and pollution difficult. The ceramic covering is considered the most practical: it is not afraid of blows, looks perfectly, and fat does not stick to surface, and literally recoils from it.

4. One more important characteristic of microwave ovens – type of management of kitchen appliances: touch, push-button or mechanical. At the simplest models of microwaves mechanical control (by means of one handle the power, and the second – preparation time is regulated). At touch management the preparation time and other operation parameters of the furnace are exposed. The push-button control panel is considered more reliable touch (it allows to program key parameters of operation of the microwave).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team