How to choose the microwave oven

How to choose the microwave oven

By means of the microwave the child can warm soup for lunch, the busy hostess to make nourishing dinner, and the head of the family to treat guests with specialty meat. What it is worth paying attention when choosing modern model of the microwave oven to?


1. Types of microwave ovens there Are 4 main types of microwave oven furnaces: solo, with grill, with grill and convection, with grill, convection and the steam generator. You will use the furnace only for warming up and defrosting, you will suit option solo. To fry meat with crust, choose the furnace with grill. You are going to cook difficult dishes in the microwave oven - your choice with grill, convection and the steam generator.

2. Volume Compact model up to 20 liters will be suitable for one person or couple, like to receive guests, look narrowly at models from 23 liters. If you have big family, volume over 30 liters is required.

3. Internal coating the Best option of internal coating is bioceramics. The similar strong covering, smooth, is easily cleaned and not scratched. Stainless steel is also popular, but it is difficult to wash and clean it. On the third place - the enameled covering, it is easy to wash and clean it, but it is extremely unstable to high temperatures that threatens with fast exit of product out of operation.

4. Power the Power of the microwave oven is proportional to camera volume: than more camera, that high power. Power rating of the microwave fluctuates within 750-1100 W, in the grill mode - 800-1500 W, at convection heating - 1350-2000 W. Any microwave oven furnace demands a lot of electric power therefore in advance make sure whether the network will sustain loading from it, being guided by the maximum power consumption.

5. Type of management the Control of the microwave oven, first of all, has to be convenient for you. Electromechanical – the simplest and reliable: emissive power of waves and the indication of the timer are regulated by turn of two handles. Push-button electronic control will allow to adjust thinly the furnace, it is suitable for difficult recipes in several stages. Touch electronic control — the same usual buttons, but under protective film.

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