How to choose the mini-furnace

How to choose the mini-furnace

Now there is set of the remarkable equipment intended for simplification of life of hostesses: blender, food processor, various meat grinders and mixers and also mini-furnace. What is it? The mini-furnace is oven in miniature, it is practically possible to prepare and bake in it everything. But such necessary subject in economy needs still to be able to be chosen.


1. It is originally necessary to decide on the sizes. Mini-furnaces happen from 8.5 to 40 l. Furnaces of the average sizes are considered as the most convenient, to bake about 21 h.p. of this party it is necessary to choose proceeding from what you are going to prepare as between the volume and power of the furnace there is direct dependence. If you have big family, give preference to more volume furnace and if you live one and kitchen slightly big, also 8.5 liters will be enough for you.

2. The important moment is availability of the timer. This simple mechanism is very convenient. To you the nobility is enough, any given dish is what is the time cooked and having installed the timer, you can go about the own business, without worrying that your dinner will burn down.

3. It is also best of all to inquire at the seller about of what material the internal coating is made. It is desirable that it was heat resisting, resistant to scratches and cleaning agents.

4. The mini-furnace can have set of functions, one of which is the defrosting of products. This function is very important, especially if you have no microwave.

5. Pay attention to availability of various modes. Them can be much: lower heat, top heat, uniform heating, etc. Important what interests you.

6. Big complexity washing of such furnace therefore specify, whether makes removable pallet for crumbs. If yes, that it considerably saves your precious time.

7. For the best preparation the attention should be paid also to internal lighting.

8. Not the last role is played also by design. Modern shops of household appliances offer huge number of mini-furnaces of various shades and styles. It is possible to find both the classical silvery furnace, and more fashionable bright red. So, now you can safely go to shop in search of ideal combination of the price, the functions interesting you and design of the mini-furnace.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team