How to choose the mower self-propelled petrol

How to choose the mower self-propelled petrol

Modern producers offer wide choice of petrol self-propelled lawn-mowers. Not to make the wrong choice, it is worth paying attention to parameters of model, advantage before analogs and also your requirements. Competently chosen lawn-mower significantly will simplify work on the site, will allow to give well-groomed exterior of all elements of landscaping.

Petrol lawn-mower: technical characteristics

Petrol self-propelled models enjoy rather high popularity in connection with particular advantages now:

  • possibility of processing of large territories, calculation for rather long time of work; • the largest power in comparison with analogs. Producers offer the equipment with the two-stroke or four-stroke engine. In the first case the power of the device will be much more, however in the second option the fuel usage is about 30% lower;
  • noise level from the working equipment is significantly reduced, environmental friendliness is increased and also operation term is increased; • pay attention to way of arrangement of the engine: if the motor is behind, so the lawn-mower will have the increased maneuverability.

We choose lawn-mower model: what it is worth paying attention to

The Samokhodnost of the mower is, certainly, advantage, the operator should set only the direction to the equipment, practically without using forces. Check whether the model has gearbox, it will help you to control motion speed.

All self-propelled petrol mowers can be separated into rear-drive and front drive. If on your site the plain surface, without visible changes of relief, perfectly suits you the first option. Front-wheel mowers are intended for the area with the increased quantity of hindrances and various roughnesses. If your site is rather big also the area of processing big, it is worth paying attention to the volume of fuel tank. Then you will be able for once, without additional gas station, to finish the planned work. The operating time on the site depends also on that, width of bevelling of the lawn-mower is how big. However big width will not allow you to process grass in certain places, for example, between beds or on small paths. Therefore the wide model will be relevant where on the site there is continuous lawn. Choose the models equipped with soft covering on control knobs. Thus you will significantly reduce influence of vibrations on hands, so, and will practically not feel exhaustion. Additional important function is the garden vacuum cleaner which creates powerful air stream, lifting and moving mowed grass, leaves and small branches to the grass collector. Safety – important component of work with the mower. Modern models are equipped with function of immediate work stoppage in case of release of the gas handle by the operator. The engine has to stop immediately work that will allow to avoid traumatizing. Pay special attention to how the lawn-mower utilizes the cut-off grass: • the easiest way – throw of waste back or sideways. Everything cut off to you should be removed manually. • the second option – availability on the grass collector equipment, it in process of filling is removed and washed out. • the third option – mulching uses, in this case the equipment does dust of mowed grass, in the direction of travel bringing it in the soil.

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