How to choose the oven

How to choose the oven

Any kitchen will not do without kitchen stove. The only alternative to the standard combined plates are cooking panels and ovens which work independently of each other. So, how it is correct to choose kitchen stove and what novelties are offered by the market of household appliances?


1. Since construction of the first multi-storey buildings all apartments were equipped with kitchen stoves which paid off for 15 years of trouble-free operation. There have passed many years, but the Soviet plates quite often meet and today. However time always dictates the rules, new plates, with modern functions and fashionable design have appeared.

2. Plates are divided, depending on the consumed resource, into gas and electric. Last less fire-dangerous, but they heat up longer, but temperature give big and cost much cheaper. There are options of combination of gas and electric stoves. It concerns both spherical cabinets, and cooking panels.

3. The sizes of normal kitchen stoves it is perceptible identical: height – 85 cm, depth – 60 cm and width of 50 or 60 cm. While cooking panels can be the different sizes (sometimes width is twice more than them normal plates), they can be installed separately from oven. Modern spherical cabinets do not demand obligatory installation on floor therefore they can be located also over the cooking panel on wall.

4. Material of cooking part of plate is made from: the enameled steel (rather inexpensive option), stainless steel it (is easily cleaned), aluminum alloy (it is easily cleaned, practically, it is not damaged) and for electric options it can be glass ceramics (at distance of 2 cm from surface it is already impossible to burn, but easily is scratched and spoils from sweet products).

5. The best choice are semi-professional models with additional functions and parameters. The quantity of rings in them reaches 8 pieces, as much maybe functions.

6. Additional functions can: to provide protection against loss of flame in gas-fires and to automatically block intake of gas, to clean inside face of spherical cabinet, to defreeze products, to begin and finish process of cooking on the timer, by means of sensors to control temperature of contents of ware and to finish automatically process when products are ready or liquids have begun to boil.

7. Also spherical cabinets are equipped with grill, compulsory air circulation for ruddy crust, and cooking parts of electric ovens can quickly cook dishes, warming surface of rings in accelerated on the different modes. Completely automated ignition of torches of cooking and dukhovochny part of plate can become convenient addition.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team