How to choose the petrol trimmer

How to choose the petrol trimmer

Petrol trimmers are in great demand at the expense of opportunity to work in completely autonomous mode, giving at the same time big power. But not all models of trimmers identical, it is also difficult to make choice for any given.


1. Choosing the petrol trimmer, pay attention to device power. High-speed performance of the tool and quality of work directly depends on this parameter. The engine has to be started without efforts and have the system of optimization of emission of hazardous substances. The weight of the trimmer at the same time has to be small.

2. Think of necessary time of continuous operation of the device and, making a start from it, pick up the trimmer with smaller, or big size of tank. The more you will fill fuels in tank, the will longer be able to work, but also tool weight in this case considerably will increase.

3. If you need the trimmer which noise level during operating time will be small, it is worth looking narrowly at models with the four-stroke motor. Unlike the most widespread duple devices, oil and gasoline in these engines are filled in separately. The cost of such trimmers is higher, but also it is more pleasant to work with them.

4. Being going to mow weeds thickets on garden sites or to cut the grass for the cattle, choose the professional trimmer capable to maintain heavy loads during the long period of operation. If work is carried out generally in the improved territory, pay close attention of the choice of cutter head of the tool better.

5. Availability on the site of large number of trees excludes opportunity to use the trimmer with metal knives. In this case it is worth getting model with the cutting fishing line – so you do not damage either trees, or the tool.

6. The convenience of operation of the trimmer and the place of its application also depends on handle form. So, if you have to work at big sites, for broad swing of this of "electronic braid" better choose the device with the Tee handle. In case of need to process almost impassable thickets and ravines, buy the trimmer with the D-shaped handle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team