How to choose the place for bath

How to choose the place for bath

Conceiving to construct bath first of all it is necessary to think over question of the place of its arrangement and also of what future building will be. The fact is that the bath can have execution options – "on white" or "blackly".

Having chosen option of execution of bathing construction "on white", it is possible not to worry for locations - it can be established directly among farm buildings or directly near the house. However the similar option will not be suitable for the bath having designs "blackly" as in that case everything is differently.

We look for the place for bath "blackly"

If you have decided to establish after all the bath executed "blackly", then the coast of reservoir will become the excellent space for similar building. However it is necessary to understand that it is impossible to equip it directly at water as there is flooding probability during season of spring flood.

And it is necessary to remember that it is the best of all to put this design further thirty meters from water that dirty drains could not get to reservoir directly. The chosen site has to be on the small eminence that will give the chance to avoid additional costs of arrangement of branch for water as dirty drains will leave spontaneously. The location which is chosen for construction of bath has to be also far away from traffic area and, naturally, be fenced off by farm buildings from the neighboring territories.

Orientation in space

The entrance to this construction should be done from the South, during the cold period of year from this party there will be less snowdrifts, and at the first rays the sun they will begin to thaw quicker. Also it is necessary to consider such question as the direction of slanting rain in the area. It becomes in order that it is correct to arrange door. If were in this point of mistake, then before door assembly it will be necessary to build surely the special platform with the purpose to protect it from possible soaking. As for bath windows, they have to be established on the southwest that sunshine could light bath before sunset, creating in it the cozy atmosphere of rest. If you wish to place bath near the house or with other farm buildings then it has to have design only "on white".

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