How to choose the place for construction of the house

How to choose the place for construction of the house

To build the sound house, it is necessary to approach the place of its construction very seriously. First of all it is necessary to find out whether leading to this place of communications is possible and what in respect of relief is the place where you have decided to lay the foundation for the future house.


1. Ideally for data acquisition about relief of the site planned by you under construction of the house it is necessary to conduct geological and engineering researches. But if you have no such opportunity, it is necessary to know that the relief under your future place of residence has to be quiet and have small bias from the planned middle to regions of the house.

2. But even knowledge of relief can be insufficiently for construction therefore you need to investigate soil – the earth on which there will be your house. This information will help you when choosing the base for construction. The most optimum builders call soil which bearing capacity is very high.

3. Surely be guided by environmental setting around your future housing. If you have decided to build the house near the river or the lake, remember that reservoirs have to conform to requirements of ecologists too. Try to plant trees and shrubs in construction site and to avoid cutting of trees and destruction of local flora and fauna.

4. Forming the construction project, you remember that it has to correspond to Construction Norms and Regulations, otherwise to you just will not allow to build the house. When choosing the site you remember that your future house has to be located so that not to prevent the next constructions (if those are available). In particular, if you build the stone house, then it has to be at least in 7 meters from the next house from stone and in 10-12 meters from wooden houses. Between two wooden houses the distance has to be not less than 12-15 meters. Make such construction project where all buildings will be located according to the established rules.

5. Several centuries ago in Russia there were in the course interesting customs which helped people to choose the place suitable for housing. Often houses built where dogs as the dog was perceived as the assistant to the person were in the habit to have a rest. And here vacation spots of cats, on the contrary, never had success. Sometimes on perimeter of the site placed pegs with the attached pieces of meat. If meat spoiled slowly and long, then the place appeared suitable for housing, and on it at once began to build constructions.

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