How to choose the potbelly stove to the dacha?

How to choose the potbelly stove to the dacha?

How to choose the heating furnace to the dacha? What to begin with and how not to be mistaken?

It is required to you

  • The most widespread mistake is to buy the first furnace.
  • All furnaces are at first sight identical: metal box with legs.
  • If it was so, then and cars were bought too, by the first comers: Yes wheel any machine has 4 wheels.
  • So, we will understand that to what!


1. From what you should begin the first - with measurement of the heated room. Any furnace has the cubic capacity parameter, it ""the maximum volume of the heated room"". Means to choose such furnace at which it would not be necessary to sleep under 3 blankets or or on the contrary, to walk in some pants on the house, being dripping with sweat, it is necessary to measure cubic capacity of the house and to select the furnace under cubic capacity. At selection of the potbelly stove the cubic capacity written in its passport should not be less cubic capacity of the room. Can be more, but no more than for 10%-20% the Cubic capacity of the room can be measured on formula: width x height x dlinayesl of rooms a little - that it is necessary to put their cubic capacities

2. You have decided on cubic capacity and have thought to buy what furnace. If the cubic capacity of your room is higher than 300 cubic meters - only furnaces with water contour for mounting of batteries as if to take to bake without contour - there where it costs will be hot, and on ""corners"" - holodnoyesl the cubic capacity is less than 300 cubic meters - the oven will approach any of metal made in the industrial way. But our task is in buying the best, and for this purpose it is necessary to understand what technical characteristics the furnace has to possess!

3. When choosing the furnace pay attention on: 1) Height and width of door: the more the door - the more firewood will get into fire chamber. The more firewood - the longer burning. In the nature furnaces meet big fire chamber, but with small door is not the best variant2) Availability of the control valve of air supply, (looks as valve on furnace door or cindery box) burning Adjustment by cindery box - does not give high duration goreniya3) Availability stele in door - allows to control process goreniya4) Presence of jets in fire chamber. These are such openings through which air forcibly moves. Usually they not noticeable in fire chamber, but availability them, has to be specified in the passport of the furnace. To buy the furnace without jets is how to buy ""Zaporozhets"" 5) If the system of the furnace grid-iron - that the grid-iron has to be pig-iron, but not steel. Steel burns through. 6) Flue opening no more than 120 mm - flue with large diameter - dorozhe7) Availability of external, but not internal casing convector (konvektsonny pipes) - guarantee of fast heating of the room streams of warm air and durability of the furnace

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