How to choose the power conditioner to the dacha

How to choose the power conditioner to the dacha

The power conditioner is device without which some types of household appliances cannot fully work. The stabilizer helps to smooth differences of line voltage to which many devices, such as TV or fridge are sensitive, it leads tension to necessary constant level.


1. Choose between the single-phase and three-phase power conditioner. It is necessary to do it not at random, and being guided by exact information. It is the most reliable to receive it from the electrician who will visit your dacha and will examine guard. But it is possible to define suitable type of the stabilizer and independently. If two wires go to guard, then the stabilizer is required single-phase if more than two - three-phase. Nevertheless, refusing the help of the expert, you risk to make mistake.

2. Determine the level of the daily requirements - it is necessary to ensure to you functioning of the minimum set of the most important household appliances or you intend not to refuse anything to yourself. In the first case you quite will suit the simple network power conditioner for which operation it is enough to power of it from the socket. It is necessary to give preference in the second case to the main stabilizer which is connected directly to the electrohighway.

3. Find out the necessary power of the power conditioner. It is possible to make it method of simple calculation: put indicators of power of all devices which you are going to use constantly at the dacha. The turned-out sum will also be necessary minimum of power of the stabilizer. Nevertheless treat the calculated value as the lower limit - it is better to buy the stabilizer with stock to avoid breakages.

4. Measure line voltage at the dacha. It will allow to define one more characteristic of the stabilizer - operating range. Carry out measurements within week by means of multimeter. Time of day will be suitable for strain measurement not any - it is necessary to do it in the mornings and to evenings as during these periods line voltage reaches the pica. At the end of the week calculate average value. If it fluctuates between 170 and 250 volts, then it is possible to use the stabilizer intended for work in the standard range. If the average value goes beyond these limits, the range of the stabilizer means has to be expanded.

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