How to choose the pump for the well

How to choose the pump for the well

The pumping station is electric device for water supply from the well or well. The choice of the pumping station depends on individual needs of the consumer. All pumping stations are subdivided into the devices with the accumulative tank working in the automatic mode and on normal which include as required. To pick up the pumping station for the well, it is necessary to calculate the power which is necessary for simultaneous start of the devices consuming water and to get acquainted with technical characteristics.


1. If you want to have water from under the crane, to connect washing and dish washer, shower cabin, plumbing, then you will need the powerful station with the accumulative tank which will be filled as required and to pump water in all points of the house. If you are going to make watering, for example, in garden and you have no need to connect difficult household appliances and to have water from under the crane, choose the cheapest pumping station without tank. You will include it as required for watering and filling of tanks.

2. Characteristics of any household pumping station are calculated on water supply from column in the well no more than 8 meters. If the water column is in your well below, then you will need the industrial pumping station which costs much more expensive.

3. Read technical characteristics of the pumping station and look at the calculations of the power which will be required to you for providing all house with water. For calculation of the necessary power be guided by water consumption parameters devices of difficult household appliances and own requirements for water supply that it was enough for simultaneous satisfaction of all domestic needs. For example, watering of kitchen garden and garden consumes 1 cubic meter an hour, that is water will be pumped with pressure 3 meters per second. The dish and washing machine at simultaneous inclusion consume 2 cubic meters an hour, the pressure of water will move with speed of 5-6 meters per second. The shower cabin requires the power of 1.5 cubic meters an hour, for toilet bowl – half of cubic meter. Put all capacities which you are going to use at the same time and according to it choose the power of the pumping station.

4. Also consider the cost of pumping stations with identical characteristics. Very often popular brands stand much more expensive, than just the same devices from producers which do not advertize the goods, but it is not less qualitative and reliable.

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