How to choose the pump for well

How to choose the pump for well

Arranging water supply system on the seasonal dacha, the house owner should resolve issue with the choice of the pump. If on the site there is well or well, the pump of submersible type will be the most successful option. When choosing specific design it is necessary to consider several parameters, including the sizes of water intake and other conditions in which the device for water injection will function.

1. Determine parameters of water intake in which your pump will be used. Measure diameter of the well; define what amount of water it gives in hour, that is its debit.

2. Previously define distance from the surface of the well or well to water surface. Also the distance from the top point to water intake point matters.

3. Calculate amount of water, necessary for your domestic and economic needs. For comfortable existence it is enough to download 1000 l (about 1 CBM) of water a day to the person even if to consider reception of bathtub.

4. Choosing the pump, consider results of the performed measurements. The majority of the data important is specified in technical documentation to the pump device. Pay special attention to compliance of pump capacity to debit of your well.

5. Evaluate the sizes of the chosen pump. They have to be less than diameter of water intake.

6. If you want to receive optimum combination of maximum capacity and pressure, stop the choice on the submersible centrifugal pump. It is suitable for pumping of the water which is not containing mechanical impurity from wells and wells.

7. Pay attention to materials of which the pump is manufactured. It is desirable that the body has been made of stainless steel, and thread segment – of bronze. The pump surely has to have the built-in protection against abnormal work (for example, in the absence of water or at its insufficient level). Well pumps are usually completed with the float switch allowing the device to work in the autonomous mode.

8. Choose the cylindricity pump for well that allows to use possibilities of the engine more effectively. Indispensable condition when using the well pump: at installation into place provide distance from well bottom not less than meter. Otherwise it is possible to put the device out of action or to receive water of the worst quality.

9. With small depth stop the choice on the superficial pump. Such device it is possible to pump water from depth in several centimeters, but, unlike the submersible pump, it has smaller performance.

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