How to choose the PVC panels

How to choose the PVC panels

Now decorative wall plastic panels from PVC enjoy wide popularity. They are usually used for interior finish of walls indoors.


1. When choosing panels first of all pay attention to their structure. This material has to contain carbon, hydrogen and chlorine which consists for 43% of ethylene and for 57% of the connected chlorine. At production of the PVC panels use the connected lead. It serves as the stabilizer. Such components do not emit hazardous substances at the fire. Solid plastic practically does not ignite. This finishing material has good resistance to moisture and is capable to sustain mechanical loadings. Besides, the plastic panel has high thermal stability and good isolation.

2. The main advantage of the PVC panels is the ability to hide any roughnesses of walls. For surface finishing you do not need to prepare previously walls and to carry out their alignment. Material possesses good sound insulation. With its help it is possible to hide electrical wiring. In the market you can meet panels which thickness of 10 mm. They are alternative of expensive tile. It is the best of all to use such panels to finishing of places with the increased humidity. For example, often trim with them kitchens and bathrooms. Panels of white color are ideal for such rooms. On sale there are also laminated PVC panels. They are capable to give to your bathroom or kitchen beautiful exterior.

3. Plastic panels have to look well on wall. It is recommended to buy them in specialized shops. The fact is that in the market most often people will come across fakes. Shops watch quality of product more strictly. Upon purchase surely check coloring. It has to be uniform. On the painted party there should not be black dots. All panels have to be identical width, without waves and differences. Otherwise when mounting there will be problems. Roughnesses are longwise quite admissible. When fastening the panel has to become straight.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team