How to choose the room

How to choose the room

The choice of the room – the difficult task demanding a lot of time and preparation. That the living space did not create problems subsequently, in advance study features of accommodation in the apartment and carefully check all documents.


1. Pick up komnatukomfortnost of housing is defined by several parameters, basic of which are: material of walls and their thickness, the area, orientation of windows, condition of the apartment and entrance, remoteness from the city core. Choose the room in the sparsely populated apartment where no more than three owners. Consider options with area of metric area not less than 10-15 sq.m. If you accept even the small square, stop on option where the house is located near stop of land transport or the metro station.

2. Examine prickers to the attracted apartment examine condition of public spaces: pipes should not flow, sanitary devices have to be in working order. By the way, the serviceability of the equipment and order characterizes neighbors from the good party. There are latent defects which can be recognized at survey. One of them – thickness of walls. If they thin, in the winter in the room it is cold. Choose housing in the brick house - it is optimal variant.

3. Evaluate future sosedeyosmatrivy living space, pay attention to the citizens living in the communal flat. Even in the large and light room there will be no life if in the neighbourhood scandalous people. Do not take the trouble and visit the apartment the floor below or adjacent on stair landing – it will help to learn about character of future neighbors.

4. Specify zhiltsovkomnata number in sparsely populated apartments – the most attractive housing. Not to be mistaken with the number of the people living in it, apply to passport office for the reference of F-9. Will not be superfluous to visit the dwelling in the evening when all come from work – so you will visually provide living conditions in the communal flat.

5. Check documentyvnimatelno study the document allowing the seller to dispose of living space. This certificate on the property right of the room. Can be the title document: contract of privatization; contract of purchase and sale, exchange, donation; certificate on the right for inheritance; judgment. That there were no claims by neighbors, make sure available notarized refusals on the room. If the minor child lives in the room, it is necessary to check permission of tutorship and guardianship authorities to registration of housing to other persons. Do not forget also about official permission of the spouse of the seller to dispose of living space.

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