How to choose the self-tapping screw

How to choose the self-tapping screw

One of the most important parts of owner-occupied dwelling, undoubtedly, the roof is. It not just serves as decoration of the building, but also is designed to protect us from bad weather. The quality of roof influences the general condition of construction, and the term of its service in many respects is defined by life cycle of structural components and, in particular, fixture. So, we start the choice of roofing self-tapping screws.


1. Choosing self-tapping screws for fastening of roof, you recognize that the quality has to become the main selection criterion. High-quality fixture repeatedly increases the term of operation of all design and also will help to save on the subsequent repair of roof.

2. Pay attention to availability of marking at self-tapping screws. High-quality fixture, as a rule, has such marking. Self-tapping screws of poor quality, in turn, do not give in to marking.

3. Examine special rubber gasket on self-tapping screw washer. At poor quality of production the laying is rather easily disconnected from washer. As the washer is designed to provide tightness of the place of fastening of the self-tapping screw to roofing material, easily separating rubber gasket is capable to collapse in one-two years, having broken such tightness. Moisture will begin to get under self-tapping screw head, to form drips, rust and slags.

4. Evaluate material of which the self-tapping screw is made. For production of high-quality fixture the carbon steel with the corrosion-resistant coating applied on it is used. High-quality self-tapping screws from stainless steel are possible, but cost is approximately twice higher than them, than at self-tapping screws from carbon steel.

5. For direct quality test of the self-tapping screw squeeze washer combination pliers. If at the same time paint of washer and rubber gasket remain whole, before you qualitative product. If paint and rubber peel off, it is not recommended to buy such fixture.

6. When choosing pay attention to washer material – it has to be produced from the special weatherproof rubber resistant to temperature influence. Good rubber for laying of the self-tapping screw has good counteraction to chemical influences. Soundly manufactured self-tapping screw is capable to sustain to several thousand fluctuations at an angle in 5 degrees, providing semicentennial cycle of operation of product.

7. If you find it difficult to define independently quality of the roofing self-tapping screw, try to choose those manufacturers of roofing material who complete the products (for example, metal tile) with branded roofing self-tapping screws. Pay to this question special attention as insurance companies, as a rule, do not insure objects in which construction obviously low-quality fastening elements were used.

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