How to choose the site

How to choose the site

After making decision on the beginning of construction of own house there is the following question - the choice of the site. Both the quality of construction, and surrounding landscape, and ecology will depend on the site. Therefore the choice has to be most considered.


1. Before choosing the site, first of all, it is necessary to decide on required area. This parameter directly depends on the sizes of the house and on the desirable house adjoining territory. It is necessary to count how many lands will be occupied by the house, garage, farm buildings and how many places it is necessary for you under site for rest.

2. Choosing from specific sites, it is necessary to pay attention to physical soil characteristics, the level of groundwater occurrance and so forth. The geology of the site has impressive influence on the total cost of construction therefore not superfluous will be to order research of soil.

3. The large role in the choice of the site is played by availability of communications - water supply, sewerages, the electric power and the gas pipeline. The drawn-off points are farther, the you should invest more money in connection to networks.

4. Transport availability is not unimportant factor. Estimate quality of access roads to the planned house, road surfacing of way of the leader to the site.

5. Analyze availability and remoteness of infrastructure - shops, shopping centers, policlinics, educational institutions. You will obviously not be pleased by prospect to carry the child in garden or school, and also to reach work several hours.

6. Will help you to choose the site also the analysis of environmental setting of the area and picturesqueness of the area. Learn whether are located near dump, harmful productions. The house in the steppe or near the enterprise of chemical industry will not please with the neighbourhood either you, or your members of household.

7. It is necessary to carry out consideration of legal status of the site. To learn whether land surveying, the purposes of allocation of this site, svobodnost from encumbrances and claims of the third parties has been carried out. Not on all sites it is authorized to build residential buildings. It is the for this purpose best of all to request from the seller documents on property, or other documents of title from which it is possible to learn assignment of the parcel, its status, quantity of the allocated hundred parts and category of the earth.

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