How to choose the snowplow

How to choose the snowplow

With arrival of winter the people begin to think of acquisition of the snowplow. This device is just necessary for owners of owner-occupied dwellings. Such machine will allow to save time and forces on snow cleaning.


1. You can buy the small screw snow blower. With its help it is possible to clean easily from snow short footpaths and small "patches" in front of the house. It is ideal for townhouses. Such machine works from the socket so you should buy the extender in advance. But it is not necessary to prepare fuel mix for the engine and to be taken by search of snow blower storing place. It has the compact sizes. Among numerous pluses it is possible to note simplicity of management.

2. For cleaning of the big area it is the best of all to use the shnekorotorny equipment. It has decent weight. Such machine has massive ladle and the multistage gearbox. The snow blower of this kind well copes not only with new-fallen snow, but also with meter snowdrifts. The low gear is necessary for cleaning of packed and wet mass of snow. Average transfer suits for cleaning of friable cover. On high transfer the transportation of the machine is usually carried out.

3. Adjustment of range and the direction of emission of snow is present practically at all models. It is only necessary to consider how and in what borders there is adjustment. The convenience of work completely depends on this parameter. On the budgetary models handles which are rigidly mounted with trench are installed. With their help it is possible to regulate the direction of emission of snow. More convenient option when for turn of trench the worm gear is used. You need to execute rotation of the handle which is located near the operator. The most advanced machines have the lever or the button on the panel of the operator. The range of emission of snow is influenced by the provision of hood on trench. The corner of its inclination can be changed or manually, or by means of various levers.

4. When choosing the heavy snow blower surely pay attention to possibility of unblocking of rigid communication between wheels for maneuvering. Most often in such machines the torsion torque is transferred equally to both wheels. In the absence of this function the snow blower will be is problematic to be deployed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team