How to choose the street antenna

How to choose the street antenna

For high-quality reception of TV signal it is necessary to use the street antenna. To choose the option suitable to your television receiver and its location it is necessary to study possibilities of each type of the equipment.


1. The design of the antenna depends on what TV signal you want to accept: radio or satellite. If in the settlement or in its limits there is television tower, here it is possible to accept local channels is radio television. It is enough to install the antenna in the direction of television center, to connect it cable to the TV and to watch transmissions. That there was access to the majority of domestic and foreign programs, reception of signal by means of the satellite equipment will be required.

2. Pick up the antenna radio priyemadlya obtaining the image of local programs the antenna of meter, decimeter or all-wave reception is necessary. Define priority of channels. For example, you like transfers on NTV, MTV, and the others are uninteresting. Address experts and measure the level of TV signals on your location. By results of measurements learn antenna type at which reception of "picture" will be qualitative. For example, in the presence of hindrances or total absence of signal of decimeter waves – establish DCM – the antenna. The model of all-wave reception will be suitable for obtaining the qualitative image of all channels.

3. Choose antenna design. You watch numerous television channels, having installed satellite antennas. They can be grouped in design on several types: pryamofokusny, offset, spherical, flat, portable. The first – have the parabolic form and concentrate signal, without allowing it to dissipate. Such plate is big and demands portable bracket for installation. Mainly, this equipment is used for professional reception of satellite signal.

4. Choose house antennudlya residential multifamily houses and country cottages the spherical, offset, flat antenna or the "street lamp" equipment will approach. For example, the offset design is located vertically on wall of the house or on the balcony, on it the snow, water and dirt creating hindrances does not accumulate. Not to break architectural form of the building, pick up the antenna of planar construction for the home receiver - it is not allocated against the background of wall and allows to enjoy television of excellent quality. Accept satellite signal and outdoors. To do not miss favourite transfer turn on the portable antenna, and it within 5 minutes by means of the remote controller will be adjusted on the necessary canal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team