How to choose the strimmer

How to choose the strimmer

The strimmer is special garden purpose tool which has sufficient capacity and also high performance. It is intended for bevelling of grass on garden sites. At the same time the strimmer differs in the universality, it can be used as the cutting equipment for set of nylon fishing line for small vegetation and lawn grass and at the expense of metal knife for dense thicket.


1. The strimmer is one of "manual" tools which cannot be chosen, relying only on its characteristics and the price. It is very important to take this equipment in hands to feel it, and only after that already to get.

2. Under different tasks certain, specific solutions are required. The design of the strimmer is quite simple. As the drive serves the two-contact engine (and in rare instances four-contact) from which by means of flexible or rigid shaft the made turns on the cutting tool (disk, trim cord) are transmitted through reducer.

3. Structurally strimmers can be subdivided into strimmers with direct shaft and with flexible shaft. And also on classes: household and professional. On household strimmers the cutting nozzles in the form of trim cord (with a diameter up to 2.4 mm) or the cutting disk are established. When choosing design and also version of the cutting tool of the petroltrimmer, it is necessary to make a start from you objectives.

4. For obkashivaniye of edges of lawn and small lawns will be to buy the strimmer having flexible shaft enough. Such design has the small weight (4 – 5 kg), is very compact and assumes work only as trim cord.

5. The strimmer design with direct shaft is the most reliable and tough. In the lower part of such strimmer for increase in rigidity the special reducer which availability allows application of the cutting disk is established. Some models of benzotrimerr do folding, thereby, transportation of the tool (knock-down such strimmer can be placed freely in car trunk) becomes simpler and also use of additional nozzles is possible (vysotorez and minicultivator).

6. Range of household strimmers now very big. It is important to have further possibility of acquisition on them of spare parts therefore it is the best of all to buy strimmers in specialized shops where also service is made guarantee.

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