How to choose the vegetable cutter

How to choose the vegetable cutter

To prepare vegetables for the winter, it is necessary to spend time lot. And salads to holiday table take away both time, and forces too. The vegetable cutter can become good way out. The main thing is to make right choice not to remain with the broken unit right after the termination of warranty period.


1. The durability and durability of the vegetable cutter are defined by material of which it is manufactured. Buy product from stainless steel and aluminum – plastic will hardly serve long and reliably.

2. If you need the multipurpose vegetable cutter, pay attention to quantity of nozzles and take an interest at the seller for what vegetables and fruit they are intended. It is good if in nozzles replaceable edges are used – they can be changed as required.

3. Learn what grids and disks are included in the package. The form of cutting of vegetables – cubes, bars, shaving, circles depends on it. Some vegetable cutters are intended only for raw or boiled vegetables – specify this function of the device at the seller.

4. It is simpler to look after folding vegetable cutters – their parts can be washed manually or in dish washer.

5. The normal manual vegetable cutter is plastic or wooden board on which the fine edge, on diagonal or in the form of letter V is located. Nozzles thanks to which it is possible to cut vegetables thin and thick rings and half rings, slices or shaving are applied to it.

6. These vegetable cutters suit for raw and boiled vegetables. It is convenient to wash them after use, it is only necessary to mean that from hot water of edge are rebated. The improved options are supplied with pallet for finished goods and the plastic device for pressing of vegetables to edges to save fingers from trauma.

7. Prost in application the meat grinder modified under the vegetable cutter is also reliable. As knives cone-shaped nozzles are used. In such unit it is possible to cut any vegetables and fruit. For preparation of salad for dinner it is unprofitable to use it, perhaps, – to wash longer, than to cut vegetables. But for the winter it is suitable for preparation of vegetables remarkably.

8. The electric vegetable cutter is more convenient in operation and has more attractive design, than manual, however is less durable. It is better to buy product from the famous producers – the difference in the price is with interest compensated by reliability.

9. Pay attention to warranty period of service and read responses of buyers on the Internet. Strictly observe operating manuals of the producer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team