How to choose the washing machine with drying

How to choose the washing machine with drying

The aspiration to universalization is the general trend in development of technical systems, and household appliances are not exception. Her many producers offer the devices of care for linen performing at the same time functions of washing and drying. Such combination gives the chance to save space indoors and saves the apartment from the increased humidity which arises in the course of traditional drying of linen. How to choose the washing machine with drying?


1. Choose machine parameters which are for you important. Washing machines can differ from each other in set of parameters: on classes of washing, drying, on energy consumption, speed, by the form loadings and so on. Not all parameters can be important in your case.

2. If you have limited space, then pay attention to the physical sizes of the washing machine (height, depth, width) and also by sight loadings (frontal or vertical). Consider when choosing the place for placement of the machine possible connection to network and type of such connection (he can demand additional re-equipment of room elekroprovodka).

3. Stop the choice by the top-loaded machine if for you the compactness of the device matters. You will be able always to open such car in the course of washing to put the forgotten thing. Besides, vertical loading saves from need to bend to put or take out linen.

4. Pay attention to the enclosed volume of the washing machine. Machines with drying, as a rule, are divided into those that are calculated on linen volume up to 5 kg, and on more capacious. For family of two people it is quite enough of that that it is calculated on 4 kg of dry linen.

5. Choose the class of washing, extraction, drying and energy consumption which is also demanded for your conditions. Degree of efficiency of washing has marking from A to G. The classes A and B demonstrate high efficiency and careful attitude to fabrics. The letters F and G in marking speak about low efficiency. The class of extraction which more indicates its efficiency, than speed is in the same way designated.

6. Evaluate class of energy consumption of the model which has attracted to you. This characteristic is expressed by also Latin letters from A to G and indicates profitability of model. If for you the size of the monthly account for electricity matters, choose model of low class of energy consumption. Profitability degree when using various models can strongly differ. Consider also that availability of additional function (drying) somewhat can influence energy consumption of the device.

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