How to choose the water heater for the apartment?

How to choose the water heater for the apartment?

The summer for many is saddened by unpleasant circumstance - cutoff of hot water and if in family there are juvenile children, then it becomes serious inconvenience. Not to depend on scheduled repairs of community services and not to lose usual comfort, it is worth buying the electric domestic water heater. What it is necessary to be guided by at choice of the water heater and what model to prefer?

Upon purchase of the device supplying you with hot water it is necessary to consider set of different factors: number of people living in the apartment, the size and configuration of the room, the purpose of use of hot water, daily expense, possible connection to the room power supply network. Proceeding from it, it is possible to choose either the accumulative water heater (boiler), or flowing.

Accumulative water heater

This device is the accumulative tank for water with the built-in electric heater - Teng. The consumer sets desirable temperature, the built-in thermostat includes heating coil, and water heats up to the necessary value. Temperature is automatically maintained in the set mode therefore water actually does not cool down.

Water heating speed directly depends on the size of the accumulative tank. Small tanks of 30-50 liters heat up in 40-50 minutes, and big, with a capacity up to 500 liters, can heat up till 4 o'clock and longer. For standard family of 4 people the heater with a capacity of 150 liters usually suffices if it is going to take bath, in addition.

Accumulative water heaters can be vertical and horizontal, wall or floor fastening.

In what pluses of the accumulative water heater?

  • One of undoubted pluses is the low power of consumption - no more than 3 kW. The boiler can be installed in any house where there is water supply system, without fear for electrical wiring - all models can work from the socket with voltage of 220 V.
  • The accumulative heater provides supply of hot water in all water folding points. One boiler can serve the bathroom, kitchen and shower cabin.
  • The heated water keeps stable temperature thanks to automatic heating and effect of ""thermos"" at the expense of high thermal insulation of the tank.
  • Always there is opportunity to choose the model which is the most suitable on configuration and esthetically fitting into design of the room.

In what minuses of the accumulative water heater?

  • The main minus of the boiler is that he takes very many place. There can be problems with placement of the device, especially in small rooms.
  • The accumulative water heater constantly uses the electric power for temperature maintenance in the tank, even when do not use water.
  • If water has suddenly appeared insufficiently, it is necessary to wait when it heats up.
  • For installation of the device the reliable wall and also massive fixture with special hooks and brackets is necessary for suspension in case it is model of horizontal placement. From other options - availability of free space for installation of floor design.
  • Service of the boiler is periodically necessary. Tena are in the habit to become covered by scum, especially at poor purified water over time.

Instantaneous water heater

The instantaneous water heater cardinally differs not only on exterior, but also in the principle of work from accumulative. In this compact design the water arriving from water system passes through the working thermal elements and instantly heats up. High-power Teng at the expense of whom cold water will instantly be transformed to hot, without accumulative stage is installed in the body of the device.

The hydrorelay which controls stream level is installed in the flowing heater. When strengthening water supply it includes the maximum quantity of heatelements, when easing - reduces their number.

In what pluses of the instantaneous water heater?

  • The device has the small sizes and is convenient for assembling in small-sized apartments.
  • Gives unlimited number of hot water at any time.
  • The device is built in directly water strut that is convenient in conditions in the city apartment.

In what minuses of the instantaneous water heater?

  • Installation of the instantaneous water heater will require separate voltage cable from board, to t. to the device consumes large amount of energy - from 8 to 20 kW.
  • In cold season the boiler can give not hot, but warm water because of low temperature in system.
  • The device cannot regulate heating power, the electrical circuit becomes isolated only at achievement of certain level of stream then heating joins.
  • The design of the instantaneous water heater does not allow to distribute water on several water points at once.

The ideal solution of the problem of hot water is flowing and accumulative water heater which unites in itself(himself) the best characteristics of both devices and provides ideal ratio between comfort and the price of operation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team