How to choose the water pump

How to choose the water pump

To have opportunity to make watering of vegetables on the seasonal dacha or to provide water supply in country house, it is necessary to buy the special device – the water pump. Among large number of types of this equipment it is necessary to choose that which will answer most fully your inquiries. What to pay attention upon purchase to?


1. Calculate approximate amount of water which will be required for your needs correctly to define expense of the water pump.

2. Define time during which the pump has to pump over necessary amount of water. It will allow to pick up pressure force correctly.

3. Consider quantity of water folding points and number of family members to make more exact choice of the pump on its characteristics.

4. Look of what material the driving wheel, shaft and pump enclosure is manufactured. Long-term work is guaranteed by the parts made of stainless steel or strong plastic.

5. Choose the water pump with bearings from ceramics which experts consider hi-tech.

6. Pay attention to availability in the pump of system of smooth start-up which protects the device from "stressful situation" during start that considerably prolongs the term of its service.

7. Check thickness of cable insulation which will serve as protection of the engine against possible short circuit at long-term contact with water.

8. Take an interest whether there is in the water pump special protection protecting the engine from breakage as a result of possible differences of tension in current network.

9. Pick up hydraulic tank for the device to avoid problems with water supply system. For determination of its optimum capacity consult to the expert.

10. Buy in addition special filters which will detain the impurity capable to lead to breakage of the device.

11. Choose advanced economic model of the water pump that will allow to receive enough water at small expenses of the electric power.

12. Buy the device in which the automatic system of management is built in. She will set optimum operating mode and in time will report to you about the arisen malfunctions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team