How to choose the welding machine

How to choose the welding machine

Today surprises nobody that the welding machine can be met not only at the enterprises, but also in living conditions. The current technologies allow to release set of compact and high-quality devices. Important only upon purchase to decide on their key parameters.

All welding machines can be separated into two big groups conditionally: electric and gas. The bulky and unsafe equipment demanding special training belongs to the last category. Therefore electric devices which modern types have the small weight and dimensions are most widespread. To learn to cook by means of such unit simply, - at least, elementary works at the dacha can always be performed. When choosing the electric welding machine it is necessary to be guided by number of parameters, depending on scope of the equipment.


The modern range of "weldings" is huge, beginning from bulky welding transformers and finishing with compact invertor devices. It is already difficult to meet welding transformers somewhere - they were replaced by more perfect devices. For example, among car mechanics the device of induction welding is very popular. Similar devices well are suitable for connection of sheet metal plate. Induction welding can be used also in life, however, in comparison with the transformer device, this more expensive device. The increasing popularity is gained today by inverters – the compact devices working in "union" with the electronic scheme which together with the raising transformer provides the necessary current intensity. Inverters weigh a little (to 10 kg), allow to receive high quality of seam, but are very sensitive to quality of tension, its sharp fluctuations can put the device out of action.

Welding current and time of continuous work

Possibilities of the welding device depend on the maximum intensity of current which it will be able to provide. If it is supposed to use the device for "country affairs" (welding of grids, fence, framework for hotbeds, greenhouses, etc.), then there is quite enough power in 150-180 amperes. Such device "will surely cope" with electrode with a diameter up to 4 mm. Time of continuous operation of the device – direct indicator of its performance. Here it is necessary to study the application guide attentively. Producers as criterion use 15 minute cycle. If it is specified that operating time percent (or TAC) 20%, it means that continuously the device can use 3 min. (20%*15 min.), then the break 12 min. is necessary.


It can be the so-called "hot start" (Hot Start) allowing to light quicker arch at increase in initial current intensity. Presence of the options Arc Force, Anti-Stick is also possible. The first increases current at emergence of risk of sticking of electrode, and the second, on the contrary, reduces current if the electrode has already stuck. Similar functions are very useful to the beginners studying welding.

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